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Bio Naturel Agricultural Products Tourism Dan.San ve Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Sti., Continues to grow rapidly under the management of our founding agricultural engineers who have been working in this sector for more than 15 years. Across Turkey from contracted farmers using from its own resources and organic projects provides a wide range of organic and conventional products.Bio Naturel Ltd. Sti. has been established with the aim of providing better quality and more reliable products from the fields and natural growing areas to your tables, More than 700 hectares of cultivation area located in various regions of Turkey and products of from more than 200 farmers being gathered, processing and packaging in accordance with the rules of organic production in accordance with the rules of organic production in its own factory. Bio Naturel Ltd. Sti. In order to provide the fastest service, it ensures that the products to be frozen are collected from the land, organic agriculture is inspected and processed in subcontractors that comply with hygiene rules and exports from the nearest port. In order to offer the highest quality and most reliable products from farm to table, Bio Naturel Ltd. decided to expand the inspection chain. Ltd. Sti., Together with the accredited supervisory bodies can inspect the seed of the products it offers to the tables, the soil on which it is planted, the water used and the farmers who plant and harvest it. In addition to the processing of its own products, as a subcontractor; * Packaging of dried products (dried apricots, dried figs, prunes, dried mulberries, dried cherries, dates, dried tomatoes etc.) with 5x5mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm cutting types, * Packaged in the range of 20gr to 1000gr (pulses, spices, flour types, bakery products, dried fruits, etc.) with sitting package, pillow package, quadro package types, * Olive oil, vinegar, fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate and so on. filling of liquid food products, * Dry and wet fruit / vegetable stretch coating on foam plates, * Thermoform packaging machine to pack the products in the hungry amount, * Shrink packaging, * Cellophane packaging, * Washing line, * Sorting tape, * With its metal detector control equipment, it assists customers and business partners in contract processing demands. The quality product starts with input control. Our company attaches great importance to quality and customer satisfaction. For this purpose, continuous improvement and improvement works are carried out in our quality control systems. All the necessary tests and controls on our final products are carried out by our own and internationally accredited laboratories at every stage of the production process. Our quality control system is activated from the growing stage of the product; customer satisfaction and quality product is an indicator of the importance we attach to understanding. Our mission; Organic agriculture is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable with good agricultural practices and healthy production; to operate in the domestic and international markets as a strong and stable company with high efficiency and competitiveness with the contribution of agriculture and agriculture based industry. Our vision; To become a company which is shown as an example in the sector by becoming a permanent and high quality brand. In order to provide more benefits in the field of organic agriculture, to follow the practices of organic agriculture, to apply and apply what we have learned, to research organic fertilizers and pests to support research and development activities. To produce and sell the products of our farmers and farmers to domestic and foreign markets with all kinds of products. To be an exemplary company with our social responsibility project as well as commercial development. Bio Naturel Ltd. Ltd. Sti.'s target; to carry out long-term work without compromising honesty and mutual trust by improving its existing facilities with each passing day, to increase the product range continuously and to meet the demands of customers to develop quality products. Bio Naturel Ltd. Sti. in line with these targets, it is moving from the past to the future. Regards.
We are an international Nuts&dried Fruits trading company having headquarters in Turkey, branch office in China and partner companies across 10 countries in the world. Most of our business is among China, Turkey and Europe. Our office in Turkey is focused on dried fruits and hazelnut exports. Through our office in China besides exporting peanuts and sunflower seeds to the international market, we import nuts and dried fruits into the Chinese market.
We are “Guzel Can Gida San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.” for industry & Trading working in dried fruits and nuts field since 1990, We are producing and supplying all kinds of Turkish Dried fruits and nuts since 20 years ago. We are exporting to most of markets in the world, Such as: USA, Japan, China, Algeria, U.A.E, Ukraine, France, Korea, Brazil …etc. For more information and details, please visit our website. Maintaining its reputation, improve the exports in countries like Japan, Europe countries, American States, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Hong Kong and others Quality Policy: Guzel Can Tarim’ product‘s development aim undergoing through a right quality, right presentation and right prices. All of these are for costumer’s best satisfaction. In all processing steps apricots are checked in our laboratory. For each batch, are checked moisture, fruit size and quality classification and expiration date. A technical product trucking from the first step of production until it reaches to the clients has as aim to provide a superior warranty. * All our products certificated by better quality and control agents: BRC - ISO22000:2005, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, US FDA, HALAL, KOSHER. And member at INC.
Taris Fig Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union established in 1915 has an exclusive and honorable place in historical development of the cooperative system in Turkey. In the beginning of the 1900s, with the purpose of eliminating the problems caused by the external dependency in the Aegean region and the marketing of the product grown by the farmer in difficult conditions and breaking the monopoly established in Izmir Yemis Bazaar, In January 1912 Germencik and on February 4, 1912 in Aydin, the first step was taken to establish the Aegean Region Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and the producer conventions realized by Aegean fig growers. Nazmi Topcuoglu, Kazim Nuri Corus, Ahmet Sari and his colleagues have seen that the only way to get rid of the negativities of the producers is the cooperative that will be formed among the producers. "Cooperative Aydin Incir Mustahsilleri Anonim Sirketi", the first organization to organize the producers of Aegean Region, was established on 21 August 1915. Today this date is regarded as the foundation date of Taris. The Union has achieved a rapid growth since its establishment.
Merged with 3 dried nut companies, all established in Eskisehir and experienced over 60 years in industry, Peyman was founded in 1995. Undergoing a branding process since 2001, Peyman has managed to transform from a local player to one of the major brands in Turkish dried nut industry. Reaching out to its consumers with a wide range of products including dried nuts and dried fruits, Peyman distinguishes as an industry leader with its innovative approach. With a precise understanding of its consumers’ demands and quests for new tastes, Peyman unites its products under four main brands namely Bahceden, Citliyo, Dorleo and Nutzz. Peyman always prioritizes high-quality and food safety as a player in global market and a manufacturer at global standards. Peyman holds BRC (British Retail Consortium), FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and Halal Food Certificates at national and international food standards. Peyman’s investments also add value to Turkish dried nut industry. Peyman recently entered into an investment for a large factory in Eskisehir in order to meet increasing demands in national and international markets and to realize innovations. Expected to start manufacturing with full capacity in the first half of 2018, factory is built on a total space of 50.000 m2 with an indoor area of 25.000 m2 and is equipped with 18 silos having production capacity of 45.000 tons and storage capacity of 6.000 tons. Offering its products to Turkish consumers through its widespread network of sales since 1995, Peyman now exports to more than 40 countries reaching gourmets all around the world. Peyman makes its impression across wide global markets from the US, to Russia, from Middle East countries to Australia.
Premium Dried Apricots From The Origin - Turkey, Malatya.
Since we have started this business in 1993 in Malatya, we thrive to serve our fruits as natural and as customized as possible in order to get them to treat our customers like doctors. As a result and the success that has been gained over the years we also added dried fig section to our business as well. Since the beginning, we have worked mostly with foreign companies such as companies from Russia , Ukrain , Iran and Israil and we are determined to establish businesses in new markets by taking their realities into consideration .We strongly believe that with our professional mind set and our ethical values in action, we will manage to accomplish this mission. In this sense over the last 10 years we have started business in Moscow and serving countries around Russia Our factory has been established on a closed area of 2000 sqm and 4000 sqm open area. Our annual dried apricot production capacity is 2500 m/ton and dried fig production capacity is 2000 m/ton. We have ISO22000:2005 quality Management system certificate
Voicevale Turkey was established in 2012 in Istanbul together with Eytan Aji. After thirty years of purchasing Nuts & Dried fruits from Turkey, we decided to establish an office in Istanbul to benefit from the increased awareness of the Turkish consumers in produce that are grown all around the world. The company specialises in Super foods and Coffee, as well as traditional Almonds, Cashews, Brazil nuts and Seeds.
We are producing and exporting the products grown in Turkey, especially pistachios, dried apricots and figs to over the world, under brand of Kandiva. All our products are naturally and packaged after quality control. Until now, we have exported to many countries including Russia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan.
In 1999, TAR-TAS started to operate as a large and modern frozen food processing facility in the town of Mustafakemalpasa. Having started to produce frozen food with vegetables and fruits in European Standards and quality, it has created an increasing market in European countries and increased the production capacity by 50% by establishing 2nd shocking unit (IQF = Individual Quick Frozen) Today, TAR-TAS ranks first among its competitors with 8.000 tons of storage and 10.000 tons / year production capacity. 70% of the production is exported abroad and the rest is evaluated in the domestic market. TAR-TAS, which has acquired the principle of quality and development in every area, has increased the product variety until the present day and it has become all kinds of products with the investments it has made. All products are produced according to "ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management and HACCP Food Safety" systems and all phases of production are recorded. Microbiological and physical analyzes of all processed products are carried out in a factory built in the factory. In addition, pesticide analyzes are carried out in accredited external laboratories. TAR-TAS has established its market in European countries with its quality, service understanding and fairness in the market since its establishment. All kinds of products can be produced according to the required specifications with trained and experienced personnel working in production, quality, storage, technical, pre-accounting and sales departments. T-TAS; They will have finished their branding work with the GreenLand-brand, will be on the market, and will continue to exist thereafter. In addition, manufacturing programs for large-scale production of freight are being made and can be manufactured in the direction desired by the factory customer. Our company Tar-Tas will continue to grow and grow with each passing day by not sacrificing quality, health, hygiene, reasonable price and gual-faced service policy. All employees in the Tar-Stone headquarters and branches are professional in their jobs and serve a single purpose from top to bottom. This purpose; to be a first-class company in all areas both at home and abroad.
HCH GLOBAL TRADEHCH Global Trade is a producer, supplier and exporter company based with a headquarter in Istanbul. Our company’s mission is to produce and supply high quality, natural and organic food and offer them to everyone’s accessibility. Our primary focus is Turkish products such as Dried Figs, Dried Apricots, Raisins, Hazelnuts and elses. Besides selling our products, our aim is to build and sustain unshakable relationships and cooperations all around the world, with no limit of borders and countries. Our product range includes mainly; Olive Oil -EVOO & VOO- Dried Fruits Nuts Spices & Herbs (most of them are unique to this region or largest producer position at Anatolia and East Mediterranean region) Pulses Lentils Cereals & Flours Basmati Rice varieties Organic, Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Superfood Products